Protect 90™ is a physical method of preventing the growth of microbes on hard and soft surfaces. Our technology is the world’s most trusted antimicrobial surface protectant. It is registered with the US EPA, European regulatory authorities and Health Canada to provide enduring antimicrobial surface protection.

Protect 90™ antimicrobial protection program that protects surfaces for 90 days

Disinfectants kill microbes by poisoning them and need to be wet on a surface to do the job. The very second they dry, they lose all ability to kill. The surface is at risk until the next disinfection. Protect 90™ steps up and delivers enduring surface protection.

Protect 90™ allows you to achieve a new, never before attained level of cleanliness. Just because a surface looks clean, does not mean that it is microbe-free.

We can see when dirt and grime are removed by cleaning. We can’t see whether microbes have actually been removed or are happily living in a place.

You can know the surface is protected from microbial growth when you see the Protect 90™ application sticker.

Trust it.

Protect 90™ contains an active ingredient registered with Health Canada. The registration is:

PCP Reg. No. 15133 is approved for use as a material preservative [i.e., to impart durable, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial protection to existing non-food contact building surfaces (porous or non-porous) to control and/or prevent microbial growth].