Protect Technologies has been providing expertise for 10 years on antimicrobial technology.  Our technology is the world’s most trusted antimicrobial surface protectant. It is registered with the US EPA, European regulatory authorities, and Health Canada to provide enduring antimicrobial surface protection.

The technology is trusted by the largest brand names in the world to control odour and limit material degradation. Here in Canada, it is counted upon to help protect the surfaces where we live, work, and play.

Protect Technologies specializes in delivering surface protection for clients ranging from first responders to schools, to entertainment, to transportation systems. We have trained a network of Protect Professionals whose expertise is ready to go for applications jobs, both large and small.

Check out to learn more about surface protection by the application of an enduring antimicrobial technology.  If you have a large, or challenging application project, give us a call. We can say, with confidence, we’ve got your back and can deliver the surface protection you need.